Wickedsoul offers retailers to sell enchanting designer jewelry, clothing, casual wear, boxing gear, and MMA sports apparel to individuals conscious of their style choice and impression. All retailers stand to benefit from our exclusive range of clothing and apparel renowned for their contemporary style, brand image, and highly admired public perception. Advantage Retailers

With a strong urge toward offering the best American and Italian products, we empower retailers with most excellent in the category. Our collection of jewelry, shirts, jackets, jeans, t-shirts, MMS apparel, and boxing kits conform the best standards. The innovative, stylish, designer, and durable brands well known for offering the greatest value of money attract customers ensuring good business.


Product Specifications

We strictly adhere to product branding and also provide and encourage retailers to pass on all possible product details so that customers can analyze them and put on display for buyers. This empowers the buyers to effectively analyze the quality and authenticate the worth of products. Enhanced consumer awareness leads to greater satisfaction and better business results. Listing Price

We procure products at minimum possible price that allows us to keep margins low and pass the benefits to buyers. It is our bulk assignments and greater marketing abilities backed by a commitment to increase customer affordability keeps prices low, we further try to offer discounts to make your online shopping more enjoyable. Retailers can get discounted products so that they can offer affordable products.


Liability and Quality

We ensure that our customers get the best quality even when buying from retailers. A rigorous seven-step quality check ensures that all products are genuine and have features as reported prior to purchase by retailers. Quality is our guarantee and we assure retailers against any mismatch in claimed features and actual products.



The promotional prices or offers we come up with time to time are our exclusive decision and have nothing to do with retailers. They can set it on their own depending on special occasions in their localities.


Who Can Be A Retailer?

We are eager to conduct business with all e-commerce and store retailers with good reputations. Your store reputation, website, references, and customer reviews help us make a decision on your suitability as one of our retailers.


Minimum Purchase

There is no limit on the minimum purchase. However, to differentiate yourself from individual customers, we bulk orders from retailers. We review all retailer accounts every six months and inactive status may lead to end of dealership.


Shipping Cost

Shipping cost varies depending on location, custom and tax clearance, order amount, size, and weight. Details of shipping and handling charges, inclusive or exclusive of local taxes, are highlighted during check out and payment. Extra handling charges are applicable for delicate, bigger size, and heavy items that need special care during transportation and delivery.


Payment and Late Charge

All outstanding must be cleared to place a new order. All outstanding must be paid with 30 days of the receipt and failing it a 1.5% additional charge per month is levied. In case of any payment default based on grievance not reported or resolved within 30 days, Wickedsoul reserve the right to seek attorney fees and legal costs, if any.


Returns and Claims

All return terms are governed by pre-purchase agreements. We charge a fee of around 25 percent for restocking. There is a usual time frame of 30 days for return of goods. For non-defective items, return shipping fee should be paid by the buyer. No return will be accepted unless sent in original packing. All claims for defective or missing merchandise must be notified to the customer care within three working days from the day of receipt. Wickedsoul offers to repair or replace it at its own. However, if return is sought, all terms mentioned under the return head are applicable.


Inspection Responsibility

All merchandise must be received with due and authorized signature of dealers. They must inspect them for damages and report while signing the bill.